Instagram Testing New Business Profile Pages


Social media is splendid when it comes to promoting products and services, it is one of the most used platforms in this century.

Facebook, which has been known to hold accounts for a lot of companies and CEOs may soon become stale.                   
This is because the photo-sharing company, Instagram wants to widen its reach. It’s main goal is to make business profiles look more like facebook.

The new features developed will help customers find information like email address and location easily. Next to the “Follow” button on the upper part is an added “Contact” button. When people click the ”Location” button, a map will appear.

Also, business profiles can be categorized in a way that will set them apart from the regular people profiles. This makes it easier for potential clients to get more information about businesses and their products or services before engaging in a conversation.    

These new features are still being tested though and are not available to everyone yet. There is also no guarantee that the company will choose to stick with them.
Instagram is set on improving itself, like providing better analytics for posts and ways to purchase ads. Hopefully it does and keeps developing to help marketers promote businesses better.


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