Steps to owning a successful business


How great will it be to fire your ever annoying boss and take a big step to being a boss of yourself. Sounds great right? Although you might be discouraged by some past experiences or stories. Don’t let this stop you from your dream. You can own a successful business too.

You definitely need an idea to start your business.

Take your time to think of problems being faced by people and provide solutions to it. If you can come up with something unique, you are on a right path to success.
You can also go into a type of business that has been established by others. But do yours with a difference, be creative, add up something others are not doing or make yours cheaper.
Make sure you start a business you are passionate about, it will help in the long run to stay motivated and focused.

Success in your business will take a lot of planning. You need to think of;  

-how you will source for funds
-how to get your customers
-where your company will be sited
-how much time you can put into the business
-how you will effectively manage the business                                       

This will go a long way in the future to sustain your business.

Starting a business comes with it’s costs. Do you have enough money to finance your business or you would have to borrow?       
You can source for money;

-by tapping into your personal savings
-by getting a small business loan
-by getting investors

There’s a big probability your company won’t be making much profit or none at all a couple of months into it. So its best to have an emergency fund available, something to fall back on.

You need a group of people that are self driven, motivated and with your vision. You need to focus on the “people” element of your business, give them the same attention you give your products.
This is very important, unless you’re planning to be the sole proprietor and employee of your business.

A company website and social media accounts are quite essential for any business in this century.
Use social media to spread the word about your new company.
Make sure you keep these media platform up-to-date with relevant, interesting content about your business.

Starting a business can be stressful and risky but with good planning, success is imminent.


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